Truth is in our nature

Professor Dobkowski’s article, “The struggle between truth telling and lying,” presents a deeply flawed understanding of human nature. Citing presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s “possible half-truths” and “exaggerations” about a West Point scholarship and violent tendencies in his youth, Dobkowski claims the media’s reaction to the controversy stems from a recognition that we are all—like Carson—liars.

I am not voting for Carson, but I will defend him. The verbal offer of a “scholarship” to West Point that Carson experienced reflects the same language recruiters used with me when I applied for an appointment in the mid-1970s. And, Carson’s struggle with anger in his youth reflects common sense: What teen reared without a father wouldn’t have anger issues?

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Peter DeMarco
Peter DeMarco
Peter DeMarco is the founder and president of Priority Thinking® and EthicsPoll™. He is an author, speaker, executive coach and ethics educator with 30+ years of experience in leadership development.