Author, speaker,
leadership coach & ethics educator

Peter DeMarco is an author, speaker, leadership coach, strategy advisor and ethics educator known for helping leaders and their teams to recognize, learn, practice and keep sound priorities through the Priority Thinking® model.


Peter is an experienced public speaker who utilizes innovative approaches and topics to connect with audiences ranging from c-suite executives to M.B.A. candidates. His interactive and engaging presentation style is well-suited for keynotes, workshops, and classroom instruction.


Published in anthologies and by national media outlets, Peter's leadership columns and articles cover a variety of topics from current issues to the philosophical foundation of leadership and ethics. Peter is also the author of two forthcoming books: The Good Will Leader and Priority Thinking.


As a coach and educator, Peter teaches clients to achieve professional competence and moral excellence by harnessing the power of sound priorities. To this end, he founded the Institute 4 Priority Thinking and EthicsPoll™ to provide comprehensive development resources and toolkits.



October 16, 2018
Albert Murray Photo and Quote

Race Relations and what it means to be an American

Albert Murray (1916-2013), a literary critic of American life and jazz music, believed that our American identity is defined best not by color but by culture.
February 26, 2018

Nick Foles’ leadership lesson in being ‘very good’

Perfect is the enemy of the good … and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. In case you missed it, after being named Super Bowl LII’s Most […]
January 18, 2018
Leader Time Leadership by the Numbers

Leadership by the numbers

Too many leaders don’t know the numbers that matter most — that is, the true measures of success for their organization.

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